Originally from Edinburgh, Maureen first started ‘doodling’ and drawing during her pre- school days. ‘ I did the usual thing kids do, drawing anything that came to mind, using crayons and felt-tip pens to add a bit of colour’.

A pupil at St Thomas of Aquins, Maureen took art at higher level and became an admirer of artists such as Andre Derain and Paul Cezanne. ‘Primarily, I was always more interested in the use of colour as opposed to striving for technical perfection’.

During this period she dabbled in different media before finally deciding that painting was her main area of interest.

‘ I was brought up in an environment where academia was prized over creativity’ . My brothers were off to university and I had no real plans regarding a future career. Eventually I headed off to Greece, working in a Hotel and drinking lots of red wine in the evenings. Mum wasn’t too pleased’.


After returning home, she took a job in Dundee and continued painting in her spare time. Since then, Maureen has lived in various locations, finally settling in the market town of Forfar.


One of the most prized qualities in any creative endeavour is that of originality.‘ Iv’e been told by a few people that I have my own particular style. Whether that’s true, I don’t really know, it’s difficult to be objective about your own work. I certainly don’t want my paintings to look like anybody else’s. What’s the point ?